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Always Loved the Look of Oak Hardwood Floors?

Always Loved the Look of Oak Hardwood Floors?  

What to Look for in Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak is the most popular wood used for hardwood floors; however, not all oak hardwood flooring is created equal. Choosing flooring must be done with great care to ensure it is appropriate for the setting and meets the wants and needs of the people living with it. Oak floors, when properly maintained, can last a lifetime, and people need to remember they will live with this decision for years to come.

Various kinds of oak can be used for oak hardwood floors, and both red and white oak are the most popular. When choosing a hardwood floor, you need to think what shade you want, as oak does vary from almost white to a deep brown. You should also consider what type of finish you want, which can vary from matte to gloss and include distressed finishes for a more antique look. Companies that make flooring can offer samples for free, this will allow you to check out your options, in order to determine which one is more suitable for your lifestyle.

Another issue is if the wood will be solid or engineered. Solid oak hardwood floors are made using strips or planks of wood; however, engineered floors are made using veneer – this will be layered onto a baseboard. Engineered flooring does expand and contract less; however, it will not wear as good as its counterparts. There are various widths to consider too, such as wide planks and narrow strips, plus, oak hardwood floors also come in parquet.

Flooring products usually come with warranties, this is something else you need to consider when choosing oak hardwood flooring. Typically, pre-finished floors come with longer warranties, and unfinished floors have shorter ones. When you hire a company to install your flooring, make sure you ask them what their guarantees and warranties are, and choose a reputable flooring company.

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