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Renu By Bruce Inc. is one of the leaders in the hardwood flooring industry in Marlborough, MA. Our reputation has earned us the right to set the standards for this business. You should continue reading this article to learn why.

Hardwood Floor Installation – It is hard to resist the welcoming allure of a hardwood floor. You do not have to worry because you can definitely get that charm for your own home. To be able to do that, you must first choose the hardwood flooring material. You can go for the usual such as oak, maple, cherry, and ash. But our suppliers can also provide more sustainable hardwood flooring materials such as bamboo, palm wood, salvaged wood flooring, and reclaimed hardwood. This means that you can get that same charm without making a big impact on our planet.

We would need to measure the area so that we can estimate how many planks we should order. Once we have the flooring material handy, we would prepare the area. We would first work on the sub-floor especially since there is a minimum requirement set for plywood subfloors. It has to be at least ¾ inch thick. Once that is set, we will examine if the sub-floors squeak. If it does, then we will eliminate the squeaking sound with the use of a drywall screw. After this process, we will attach a vapor barrier to the sub-floor. We would roll out several strips and secure it with staples. We would have to remove the moldings. Now, we are ready to start the installation process. We will begin at the longest unobstructed wall and use the longest board as the first row. Then we will nail it securely. We will continue doing this until we have completely covered the area. Once done, we can do some wood refinishing to make sure that your hardwood floor will last for a long time.

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