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Renu By Bruce Inc. is a flooring company that is based in Marlborough, MA. Our expertise has made us into one of the leaders in the industry. Here is a list of our hardwood flooring services.

Installation – Everyone will admit that wooden floors have a certain allure that is quite hard to resist. You can definitely get that charm for your own home. But before anything else, you would need to choose the type of wood that you want. We can get the usual hardwood flooring materials such as oak, maple, cherry, and ash. But we can also make arrangements so you can get sustainable flooring materials such as bamboo, palm wood, salvaged wood flooring, and reclaimed hardwood. So once we have your desired wood, we will start with our installation project. Our first step would be to check your sub-floor especially since there is a minimum requirement for plywood sub-floors. We would need to examine if the sub-floor makes a squeaking sound. We would have to eliminate it by using a drywall screw. Once we are satisfied with our work on the sub-floor, we would attach vapor barrier paper to the sub-floor. Then, we will be ready to install your hardwood floors.

Floor Refinishing – To ensure that your hardwood floors will last for a long time, we suggest that you avail of this service. Before we proceed with this project, we will always check for gaps between the floor planks. We would fix this problem first before anything else. Then we will sand your hardwood floors. We would move in a straight path using the same direction as the wooden planks. Once we are done with the first sanding process, we will use the edge sander for the second step. We would move in a semi-circular motion so as to avoid gouging the wood. We would also use wood scrapers for those hard to reach areas.

Renu By Bruce Inc. can help you with all your hardwood flooring issues. All you need to do is call us at (617) 990-4108 and we will be there to resolve them. Let us provide you with the quality hardwood flooring service you need!

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